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Paper Storage Box

lid off corrugated home storage box socks compartment paper box

Packaging design is a systematic project, which requires scientific and orderly procedures and methods to achieve successful packaging and maximize profits when the product is put on the market.
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Paper Storage Box

Office or home paper storage box with large capacity can be folded

The box that holds thing, namely will thing (many point to small article, be like: office stationery, cosmetic, file data, small tool, sock, underpants etc.) collect gather together, just as the name implies call storage a box.
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Fuzhou Huaguang Color Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional printing & packaging factory with 20 years experience. Specialized in high quality producing Label sticker, gift box, paper storage box, PVC box, paper bag.we’re here to assist with anything from design to technical support.
The company is a private limited liability company, mainly for the region’s middle and high-end manufacturing enterprises and European, American, Japanese procurement enterprises in China as supporting suppliers and established.

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