Cardboard Jewelry Box Girls Jewelry packaging Paper Box

Cardboard Jewelry Box Girls Jewelry packaging Paper Box

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。


Paper Type:Paperboard


Packaging Details:one pcs in a polybag or your requirement


Lead Time :


1 – 500

501 – 1000


Est. Time(days)



To be negotiated


Product Detail

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Jewelry packaging appearance is the concept of a brand and its influence on consumers, and it is also a way to realize the value of goods and use value.

Nowadays, the jewelry box is mainly based on the packaging shape and color application of the product as the main sales means. Jewelry box is the external image of jewelry, is the first impression left to customers, so it is very important to design a good jewelry packaging box.

As an ordinary jewelry brand, we must first package the jewelry to inject culture and emotion into it before it is put on the market.


Jewelry itself is naturally emotionless at first. It needs to go through a series of packaging to make it alive, not only to make it an ornament, but also to make it an emotional sustenance.

Packaging with culture and emotion. While exploring the selling points of jewelry products, we should also explore their inherent cultural connotation, and combine the attractiveness of appearance with the inherent culture to make it easier for consumers to accept.


Jewelry packaging design is combined with the characteristics of jewelry design, through comprehensive design to achieve the protection of jewelry and brand publicity.

From the perspective of the whole process of production, processing and application, jewelry packaging design is a comprehensive discipline integrating visual communication design, industrial design, consumer psychology, marketing and other fields.


Jewelry packaging design to protect and beautify the jewelry, safe circulation as well as convenient storage and transportation as the foundation, through the design of precision positioning and design, with mature technology and unique art form, with the help of the marketing and consumer psychology skills, improve the consumer’s perception of the jewelry brand, finally realizes the jewelry sales increase and jewelry brand construction of long-term demand.


Whether new or old brand in the face of new exist in all of the market mechanism does not adapt, jewelry packaging design company is particularly important at this moment, through its ability to your brand new packaging, positioning and planning seize the core target customer’s psychological needs, create belong to your brand culture characteristics, to improve your sales ability and in the daily sales turnover.


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