Corrugated carton is inseparable with our life, production of a common paper packaging products, the printing quality of corrugated carton is not only related to the appearance of corrugated carton quality, but also affect the sales prospects of packaged products and the image of commodity production enterprises. In this paper, we share the printing process of corrugated carton, brand to reduce the cost of carton processing and other related content, the content for friends’ reference:

Corrugated Carton


Processing technology is divided into automatic corrugated production line production process and semi-automatic corrugated production line production process two; Conventional carton printing methods are flexographic, offset and screen printing three; The box making method is divided into plastic gravure printing composite carton process, copperplate paper gravure printing composite carton process, direct offset printing corrugated carton process, flexo pre-printing and gravure pre-printing corrugated carton process.

01 Processing Technology

Automatic corrugated board production line production process

The corrugated board production process is widely used, with large production batch, large carton molding volume, corrugated quality and other advantages. The process to produce corrugated board, usually through water printing, slotting, paste, molding and other processes into cartons. The cartons produced by this process are mainly used for transport packaging.

Semi-automatic corrugated board production line production process

The corrugated board production process is to first print the surface paper, and then with corrugated core paper, cardboard mounting. The corrugated board produced by the process, the conventional use of die cutting indentation, nail and other processes into boxes. The paper box produced by this process has good molding quality and surface treatment effect. The cartons produced by this process can be used as sales packaging.

02 Conventional Carton Printing

Flexible Printing


Corrugated carton conventional flexographic printing corrugated carton process is directly printed on corrugated board, the use of water-based ink, so it is also known as the process of watermark. Flexographic direct printing has the following characteristics:

(1)Large size. The maximum width of a wide flexo printing machine can reach 2.5m~2.8m.

(2)Low price. Flexo high printing resistance, reusable; Ink prices are also lower.

(3)Can be linked to production, such as printing, slotting, indentation, set (stick) box, bundling and so on can be completed by one machine.

(4)Less reduction of carton strength. Because flexo printing is light pressure printing, so the strength of corrugated board is very small.

(5)the printing accuracy is not high, the number of conventional offset printing line is 175 lines/inch, and flexo printing carton conventional line number is 35 lines/inch ~65 lines/inch, belongs to the low precision printing method, the most suitable for printing text line draft, four-color image printing quality has been improved in recent years, but there are still limitations.

(6)plate-making is easy, text line draft plate-making is easy, four-color image plate-making is difficult.

(7)The printing quality stability is not good, mainly reflected in the printing ink depth is not easy to control. Flexographic direct printing technology is suitable for the first type of carton production process, currently in China’s carton factory is widely used.

Offset Printing


Corrugated carton conventional offset printing corrugated carton is indirect printing, that is, first printing carton surface paper, and then printed surface paper mounted on the corrugated board.

Due to the high resolution of PS plate, it is possible to print a very fine print pattern. At present, the vast majority of high-grade corrugated boxes used to sell packaging in Our country are offset printing products. Offset printing corrugated carton has the following characteristics:

(1)Not suitable for cardboard linkage production line, only suitable for the use of single-sided corrugated machine, low production efficiency.

(2)limited size, generally smaller than flexo printing carton size.

(3)Printing products are very fine, the number of lines can reach 150 lines/inch ~200 lines/inch.

(4)plate making easy, for PS version of the conventional plate making.

(5)Can be surface finishing, such as laminating, glazing, etc. (6) High printing cost.

(7) The printing quality is stable.

Silk screen printing

Screen printing corrugated box technology is direct printing. Due to the screen version of the ink rate and screen spacing is proportional to the screen, screen printing resolution is not high, image accuracy is low, the number of conventional lines for 60 lines/inch ~80 lines/inch. Screen printing corrugated carton has the following characteristics:

(1)Not suitable for linkage production line, low production efficiency.

(2)Printing format can be large or small.

(3)It can be printed before mounting and packing, or printed after mounting and packing.

(4)Suitable for printing non-fine products. Screen printing thick ink, so its high color saturation, strong visual effect, especially spot color printing field, the effect is better.

(5)plate making is easy and low cost.

(6)Low printing cost.

(7)The printing quality is stable.

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