In the last issue, we shared the processing technology and printing method of corrugated boxes. In this issue, we will talk about the production method of corrugated boxes and its method to reduce costs, the content for friends’ reference:

01 Carton - making plastic gravure printing composite carton process

Using single-sided corrugated board production line, if still need to cover the light glossy paper printing after the completion of the membrane, and the production batch is bigger, can not on the surface of paper printing, and intaglio printing way on plastic film gravure printing, and combined with white, then printed plastic film and the surface paper composite first, then according to the regular carton box molding process to complete the system. The characteristics of this process are:

1) Low production cost of carton

When the production volume is large, this process can greatly reduce the printing cost and material cost of the face paper. Because the face paper does not need to be printed, it can use non-coated whiteboard, so that the face paper cost is greatly reduced.

2) Beautifully printed

Because of the use of plastic gravure printing, so the printing effect can be comparable to offset printing effect. The use of this process needs special attention is, in plate printing, to fully consider the size change and deformation of the plastic film; Otherwise, the carton surface paper will be inconsistent with the lower board.

Copperplate paper gravure printing composite carton process when the production volume is relatively large, do not need to laminate, and the requirements of good printing effect, low cost, you can use this process. The process is to first use paper gravure printing machine to print thin coated paper, and then the printed fine coated paper and ordinary slag board paper or box board paper composite, as a whole carton surface paper, and then mounting and normal carton molding process.

Direct offset printing corrugated box technology it is corrugated board directly in a special offset printing press for printing. Suitable for processing thin corrugated cartons. The process can not only ensure the good molding of the carton, but also to complete the exquisite face paper printing, but the price of the printing machine is relatively expensive.

Flexo pre-printing and gravure pre-printing corrugated carton process these two processes are first to web printing paper, and then in the automatic corrugated production line to complete the production of corrugated board. Carton printing quality and molding quality are relatively high, but the investment is relatively large, is not suitable for small batch production.

In the domestic carton industry, three conventional corrugated carton printing methods are widely used, and become the mainstream way of corrugated carton printing at present.

02The cost Reduction 

Approach simplifies requirements

In many cases, brands may stick with packaging solutions developed long ago. A good way to cut costs is to step back and consider the real needs of the moment. As the product develops, so should the packaging.

For example, secondary or tertiary packaging may not require buffering if the primary packaging has a void fill. Moving to thinner and harder corrugated cartons for secondary packaging can help reduce costs.

In addition, you can reduce the size of the boxes required. Excessive packaging will not only increase the cost of packaging, but also increase the cost of transportation.

If you are using corrugated boxes for primary packaging, then printing costs are another parameter you can reduce. Corrugated boxes are used as primary packaging for bicycles, televisions, computer monitors, notebook computers, electronic components and other products. See if you can reduce the number of colors or switch to a cheaper printing technique.

In the case of consumer durables, for example, the beauty of the package is not considered an important factor in ease of operation. With some research, you can learn what aspects of your product packaging are important and invest more in them.

Researching available options

It is a good idea to look extensively at the various available options and weigh their pros and cons. Once you understand your needs, you may find that you may not need an expensive box, but a lower-cost one will do. You can study the different sizes on the market to see if they meet your requirements. You can check the price of a new box to see how much you can save. These will help you stretch your budget and customize the box in a more efficient direction. Customization can increase brand awareness, add security and warning labels, and even add processing instructions.

Optimizing dimensions

For example, our team customized corrugated boxes to stack products in a more space-efficient way. That means no damage to the product.

Use a standard structure

Custom sized boxes are more expensive than standard sized ones. Corrugated carton manufacturers have corrugated carton standard size and style. These boxes are often used by brands for packaging and to meet general requirements.

These sizes of corrugated boxes. They are available in single-wall and double-wall variants, size availability depending on the vendor. In addition, there are many types of boxes to choose from. These include self-locking, expansion box, ordinary slotting and so on.

Include packaging plan in product plan

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of corrugated boxes is to integrate packaging solutions at the product planning stage. You can see how optimizing primary packaging can help save secondary and tertiary packaging.

Post time: Mar-28-2022