About the definition of high-end gift box, even if Google search, also has not a precise definitions, and the definition of each person is different, this article discussed the upscale gift box, mainly for pasting box, which need a lot of process , and need manual elaborate pasting box, content for friends reference:

Gift box


Gift box is a function of the extension of the social need of packaging, it not only has the role of packaging and highlights a part of the role to a certain extent, the exquisite degree of gift box is in direct proportion to increase the value of goods, to a certain extent, weaken the use value of goods. In order to highlight the value of the product, more expensive and beautiful lining will be used to protect the product. There is no general packaging in the circulation link so convenient, the value of the gift is relatively high, the cost in the circulation is necessarily high, such as free from collision, free from deformation and so on. There is no doubt that it has a super high influence on beautifying goods to attract customers.

1. Classification of high-grade gift boxes


From the pasting fabric division, the most important are: paper, leather, cloth, etc.

Paper category: including gold and silver cardboard paper, pearlescent paper and all kinds of art paper;

Leather: including leather and anti-leather PU fabric, etc.

Cloth: including all kinds of cotton and linen texture.

From the scope of application, the main categories are daily chemical, wine, food, tobacco, digital electronics, jewelry and so on.

Daily chemical category: mainly used in cosmetics, perfume these two fields;

Liquor: mainly white wine, red wine and all kinds of foreign wine;

Food category: mainly chocolate and health food;

Tobacco category: high-end boutique products launched by major tobacco companies;

Digital electronics: such as high-end brand mobile phone box, tablet computer box, etc.

Jewelry: Jewelry of all kinds is basically a unique style of gift box packaging to foil their personality.

2. Production process of high-grade gift boxes


The production process of gift box is much more complex than folding paper box. The processing of folding paper box is generally completed by printing ➝ surface finishing (bronzing, silver, film, local UV, convex, etc.), die-cutting and pasting box inspection and packing.

The production process of the gift box is completed by the printing ➝ surface finishing material die cutting grey board➝ die cutting grey board➝ grooving grey board forming and material pasting before assembly, inspection and packing.

From the process of the two products, the manufacturing process of the gift box is complicated and cumbersome, and the technological standard is much higher than that of the folding paper box. Most of the high-grade gift boxes common in our daily life are made of paper, and the paper surface is also the most suitable for the application of more technological treatment.

3. Common defects and quality control points

Loose edge: after pasting the paper on the four edges of the box body, the adhesion is not tight, and there is a suspended phenomenon between the paper and the gray board.

Wrinkle: After pasting the paper surface to form irregular, different lengths of the dead fold.

Broken Angle: paper is damaged and exposed at the four corners of the box after being pasted.

Dust exposure (bottom exposure) : due to the accuracy of the knife plate production is not accurate enough, or the offset of pasting operation, resulting in the paper pasting folded after the dislocation of the stack, resulting in the ash plate exposed.

Bubble: An irregularly raised, variously sized bubble on the surface of the box.

Glue stains: Traces of glue left on surfaces.

Protrusion : there are granular material residues in the lower layer of the packing material, the surface of the local support, damaging the flatness of the box surface.

High and low Angle: gray board half through die-cutting or grooving, the four sides of the fold forming two adjacent sides of the height is not consistent.

Water corrugated: after pasting the box body, in order to make its edges and corners more compact, it is also necessary to use the scraper to scrape the four edges of the box body, because the force is not standard, the whole edge will appear length, concave and convex strip or small bubble, like water corrugated.

4. The common structure of high-grade carton

Gift box of the types of all kinds, from the structure points up and down with combination of lid and base cover form, embedded in combination of the cartridge box, there are about opening and closing of the door type, book coated combination type, these types of laid the basic structure of gift boxes, under the basic framework, designers have developed a protean box type, to the packing of the products put on the cool name, The following will first of all common box type and name to do an expression:

1) lid and base cover box


Lid and base cover refers to a type of box. The cover of the carton is “lid” and the bottom is “base”, so it is called the cover of lid and base.Lid and base cover, also known as lid and base box, is widely used in all kinds of hardcover gift box, shoe box, underwear box, shirt box, mobile phone box and other kinds of packaging boxes

2) Book box


The shell is composed of a shell and an inner box, the shell ring of the inner box for a week, the bottom of the inner box and the back wall, both sides of the shell are glued together, and the upper cover part of the unglued can be opened, and the outer shape is like a hardcover book.

3) Box of drawers


If lid and base cover box can give a person a kind of intuitive feeling, then drawer box can make a kind of mystery to the person. Said it mysterious, because a look at its shape makes people have a kind of impulse can’t wait to pull out a look inside the “treasure”.

This chest of drawers was born to be a treasure box. Drawer type box cover is tube shaped, and the box body is disk shaped, the box cover box body is two independent structures. The modelling that designs so, let open become a kind of fun. Slowly pulling the moment becomes an instant pleasure.

4) Hexagonal box


The box shape is hexagonal, and most of them are covered by lid and base.

5) Window box


Open the desired window on one or more sides of the box, and paste transparent PET and other materials on the inside side to fully display the information of the contents.

6) Folding boxes


Gray board as a skeleton, with copperplate paper or other paper pasting, bending gray board to leave a certain distance space, the use of the whole into a three-dimensional shape, can be freely folded.

7) Aircraft box


Aircraft box, because of its appearance resembles an airplane named, belongs to a branch of the carton, is express packaging, shipping preferred, made of corrugated paper.


These are the most common gift box structures on the market, and there are many more special special-shaped boxes not to mention one.

As a common gift box product packaging in the market, high-grade gift boxes are increasingly favored by brand owners. The structure, materials and technology of gift boxes are becoming increasingly rich. How to do a good job in gift box packaging and printing is a problem that printing enterprises will surely face.

Post time: Jul-20-2021