Professional printing fine gloss empty gift packaging box with glittering specialtypaper

Professional printing fine gloss empty gift packaging box with glittering specialtypaper

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。

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Paper Type:Paperboard


Packaging Details:one pcs in a polybag or your requirement


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Quantity(Boxes) 1 – 500 501 – 1000 >1000
Est. Time(days) 7 15 To be negotiated

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This gift box does not have a complicated design, but the use of special paper makes this gift box shine and have its unique temperament.
Special paper is a paper with special use and relatively small output. There are many kinds of special paper, is a general term for all kinds of special purpose paper or art paper, and now sellers will empress paper and other art paper collectively referred to as special paper, mainly in order to simplify the noun confusion caused by the wide variety. The use of special paper in high-grade gift boxes is very common. With special lines or different tactile sensations, the gift boxes are more delicate and beautiful.


Specialty paper is to put the different fiber made by dipping paper machine copy paper with special functions, such as a separate use of synthetic fiber, synthetic mixed pulp or raw materials such as wood pulp, with different materials for processing, modification or give the paper to the function and usage of different, for example: life, building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery used in industry, agriculture, information, optical, arts and culture, biochemical cutting-edge technology to use and so on, as long as it is used for special purposes of paper material, all referred to as special paper.


Special paper (specialtypaper) the name is only after the 1960s gradually spread up. It is also called special processed paper. Special paper originates from the carbon-free carbon carbon paper developed by the NationalCashRegisterCo. (USA) in 1945. Later, other special paper was introduced continuously, which expanded people's vision and changed people's traditional view of paper. The raw material is no longer limited to plant fiber, non-plant fiber (such as inorganic fiber, synthetic fiber) has also been used. Structurally, in addition to the fiber interweave layer, but also can be processed or increase the number of coating layers. On the effect, can copy by the design according to need, this is what did not think of in the past. However, the development of special paper faces many difficulties, such as large capital investment, high equipment requirements, technical difficulties and so on. At the same time, many special paper applications are narrow, the demand is small. Short - term did not form the climate, to be explored by people.


With the use of special paper more and more widely, but also because of its own unique, more and more designers have become the choice. Especially in the field of packaging, special paper adds luster to the box.

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