Toy box for children cardboard paper suitcase with handle

Toy box for children cardboard paper suitcase with handle

Adjustable iPad Stand, Tablet Stand Holders。


Paper Type:Paperboard


Packaging Details:one pcs in a polybag or your requirement


Lead Time :


1 – 500

501 – 1000


Est. Time(days)



To be negotiated

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In recent years, with the improvement of product packaging requirements, the production technology of packaging box is also getting higher and higher. In the printing and packaging, jewelry boxes, wine boxes, daily necessities boxes, color boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc. will be treated with plasma surface treatment, including UV oil, dumb oil, etc., not only to improve the product grade, but also to protect the product, improve the waterproof function of the product and prevent the product from being brushed in the circulation process.


Carton packaging is largely based on its exquisite shape and decoration to beautify the publicity of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods. Because the shape and structure design of the carton is often determined by the shape characteristics of the packaged goods, so its style and type are many, rectangular, square, multi-lateral, special-shaped carton, cylindrical, etc., but its manufacturing process is basically the same.


Product packaging can be said to be the last process for a product to enter the market, which directly affects the sales status, which is the key. The main factors that determine the packaging effect of paper packaging products are: packaging equipment, operators and packaging materials, all of which are very important. Only by taking into account both of them, can the packaged products be exquisite.

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